Engineering & Technical Support

2D Drawings

We create drawings using Solidworks and publish them in PDF format for efficient and accurate communication of your design information. Whether we redraw from an old paper or mylar version, or work directly with you to develop the drawing, we have the tools and experience necessary to make professional mechanical drawings. We can also revise your existing Solidworks or AutoCad drawing per your instructions and publish them in a variety of formats.

3D Modeling

Our engineers have over 15 years of experience with CAD systems. With a Certified Solidworks Professional on staff, we have been using Solidworks® exclusively for over 6 years and are proficient at even the most advanced features available in Solidworks® 2014. We create parametric models with fully constrained sketches for easy and predictable modification as the product evolves. 3-D modeling allows you to better visualize your product and can provide greater insight into the assembly and performance of your product.

New products stuck on the drawing board?

  • Sometimes ideas have a tough time finding their way onto paper when project load gets unmanageable

Customer requests going unanswered?

  • New business is hard to find when you don’t have the time and resources to respond to quote requests

Staff overwhelmed with projects?

  • Deciding which projects are left “un-done” is a tough decision when your resources are limited


  • Nothing is more distracting to your organization than the quality problem that is still unresolved